Author Topic: Brakes steering ? Help needed dangerous issue and my only car.  (Read 241 times)

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Ok recently I have been experiencing an issue where when I turn then lightly hit brakes to turn the other way the steering wheel locks up and won’t let me turn. I let off brakes and wiggle wheel just a little and it frees up. At first this was only right after cold start but yesterday it happened on the road after driving more than 30 mins. Power steering pump is  a delco that I put on a while back. Like year ago or so. Belt new at same time. I also hear squealing like pulley or belt slip but all is tight and can’t narrow it down. The pulley under the steering pump suspect because of markings on it. but I replaced all pulleys at same time with the pump and belt. The one pulley does not seem to be possible to put in far enough. It will lock up on the water housing. I had to shim it out 1/16 it seems slightly off. But after being sent the wrong pulley online and having it torn apart before I realized it was wrong I got it from gm in a rush. I looked at the map and and pointed the exact pulley out to gm. Also had issue where the oil cooler cover didn’t fit either got From gm.had to cut my own gasket with exact k ice to stop that leak Starting to think this engine is modified outside of gm by someone. Hate used cars.
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